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i'm a bad girl
Lower Dauphin High School - Hummelstown PA (1997 - 2001)
Thompson Institute - Harrisburg PA (2001 - 2003)
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10th kingdom, 1776, anthony hopkins, bauhaus, big wolf on campus, big wolf slash, books, brent spiner, bruce campbell, bwoc, bwoc slash, captain jack sparrow, cats, cemataries, classical music, danny smith, dexter, drawing, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, evil dead, eyeliner-toting johnny depp, faeries, fairly oddparenets, fan fiction, fantasy, freddy krueger, frodo, frodo baggins, gackt, goth, gothic, halloween, hannibal lecter, hobbits, horror, horror movies, invader zim, jack sparrow, julian sands, legend, lord of the rings, lotr, lupinstache, merton dingle, merton j dingle, merton/tommy, mpreg, murphy brown, pirates of the caribbean, playstation, potc, pumpkin carving, pumpkins, reading, remus lupin, ren faire, renaissance faires, renfaires, robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, rocky horror picture show, scott cohen, seth green, severus snape, silence of the lambs, slash, snape, the 10th kingdom, the bail, the city drive, the cure, tim burton, tommy/merton, troma, vampires, velvet goldmine, video games, warwick davis, werewolves, witchcraft, wolf, wolves, x-files

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2013 Reading Challenge
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this is a friends only journal. feel free to comment in the friends only post. if i feel like we have something in common i'll most likely add you.

28. married happily thank you.

i'm a tattooed mother with a potty mouth and a love of geeky things. movies are a great time waster and i spend a good amount of time doing it. cats are superior to dogs and you won't be able to tell me other wise. i like meat. i like to hunt and eat said meat. slash is the yummiest thing ever. i abhor stupidity in all forms and don't tolerate it very well. i'm a sinner and a saint without a religion. i'm also the most boring person you'll ever likely meet. if you don't like to read don't bother me. i'm loosing weight because i want to and no matter how much you throw "fat acceptance" at me it won't make me feel better about myself. wii fit is the stay at home mom's greatest friend.

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tv: big wolf on campus, ghosthunters, dexter, house, supernatural, monk, true blood
ships: harry/draco, tommy/merton, natalie/monk, lucius/draco, sam/dean, lucius/narcissa
movies: 1776, the 10th kingdom, pirates of the caribbean 1 & 2, pan's labyrinth, back to the future, lord of the rings, seed of chucky, chronicles of narnia, constantine
music: the city drive, the cure, areosmith, bach, flogging molly
celebs: danny smith, brandon quinn, brent spiner, julian sands
books: harry potter, a wrinkle in time, the deverry series
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R.I.P Aaron Christopher
You will be missed

i'm in slytherin!

dothefreddy's Dragons

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